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Best Local Cleaners is a renowned cleaning company offering unparalleled builders cleaning services in Canberra and Melbourne regions. We specialize in delivering meticulous cleaning solutions post-construction, catering to projects of all sizes, from home renovations to expansive industrial builds. Our team of skilled cleaners employs the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to remove construction debris, dust, and residue, unveiling a pristine, ready-to-use space.

Our builders cleaning services encompass thorough cleaning, dusting, debris removal, and specialized services like high-pressure washing and window cleaning. Leveraging advanced equipment and sustainable cleaning agents, we ensure every corner of your newly constructed space is immaculate and safe.

Professional Builders Cleaning Includes:

Our builders cleaning services are meticulously crafted to convert your construction site into a clean, inviting space. Understanding the diverse needs after construction, we create tailored solutions designed for your unique requirements. Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to:

  • Clearing construction debris
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms
  • Sweeping and washing floors
  • Removing paint splatters and residues
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Detailed window cleaning
  • Wiping down and sanitizing all surfaces
  • Safe disposal of construction waste

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Builders Clean

Looking for reliable and affordable Cleaner in East Melbourne

Opt for Best Local Cleaners – your trustworthy and experienced cleaning partners. Our local roots and personal ties with East Melbourne, enable us to understand and cater to your unique cleaning needs with a personal touch.

Our cleaners hold a personal connection to East Melbourne. Not only do we provide our regular, top-quality cleaning services to this beautiful suburb, but many of our dedicated staff members are proud residents of this community. We understand the local needs, admire the unique charm of East Melbourne, and are committed to helping our neighbors maintain a clean, comfortable home environment. It’s our pleasure to serve you in East Melbourne.

East Melbourne is a vibrant and historic city located in the state of Victoria, Australia. Known for its elegant Victorian-era architecture and leafy streets, it offers a unique blend of residential charm and urban convenience. With numerous parks, gardens, and heritage-listed buildings to explore, East Melbourne attracts locals and tourists alike. Home to iconic landmarks such as the Fitzroy Gardens and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, this city seamlessly combines cultural sites with modern amenities. With its proximity to the central business district and excellent public transport links, East Melbourne is an ideal place to live or visit for both work and leisure activities.

Experience the difference of personalized service, right here in East Melbourne. Connect with us today and let’s make your home shine together!

No "Locked Contracts" for commercial cleaning services in East Melbourne.

Why Choose Our Office Cleaning Services?

Builders cleaning is a specialized form of cleaning that differs from regular cleaning in several key aspects. While regular cleaning focuses on the routine maintenance and tidiness of a space, builders cleaning is specifically designed to address the aftermath of construction or renovation projects. This type of cleaning requires expertise, attention to detail, and knowledge about handling specific types of debris commonly found on construction sites.

One crucial difference between builders cleaning and regular cleaning lies in the level of dirtiness and mess involved. Construction activities often generate various types of dust, including sawdust, drywall dust, and cement residue. Additionally, there might be paint splatters, grout smears, or adhesive remnants left behind during installation processes. Builders cleaners are trained to tackle these challenges using appropriate tools and techniques that specialize in removing stubborn stains caused by such materials.

Another significant distinction exists in terms of safety considerations during builders’ clean-ups compared to regular cleaning tasks. Construction sites can present potential hazards like sharp objects or exposed wires that must be addressed with caution while performing post-construction clean-up operations.

Overall, builders’ cleaners require specialized skills and knowledge that go beyond traditional domestic or commercial housekeeping practices typically associated with regular cleanings. The primary goal is not only restoring cleanliness but also ensuring health standards are met after construction work has taken place within a given area.

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Whar Our Clients Say


Don’t just take our word for it; our satisfied clients speak volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Harry and his team have been praised for their professionalism and flexibility, and our clients are always impressed by the high standard of our cleaning services.

Sammy Bee
Sammy Bee
The owner is lovely, please reach out to the owners if you need to chat about anything and they’ll fix it all up.
Clair Cochrane
Clair Cochrane
Needed a temporary cleaner while our regular cleaner on holiday. Harry and his team were professional, did a good job, were on time, and flexible when we needed to change dates last minute. Highly recommend and would use again.
Andrew trav
Andrew trav
Excellent job . Brand new home after the clean .
damien martin
damien martin
The guy they sent did a amazing job. Toyin & Jide Momodu from united home services- I am very impressed with the service provided .10 stars
Madness_ Within
Madness_ Within
The cleaning is so professional and high standard. All staff have been very kind and understanding, they are willing to do all jobs without hesitation and such a good price. I am very happy to have them return ongoing.
josie lia
josie lia
Job well done Cleaners reported finding of money grateful for their honesty ,Excellent job
Katie Tang
Katie Tang
Booking was easy, I received the quote very quick, and the two cleaners who came were very polite and did a great job at cleaning my place.Would recommend 🙂
Visal Liyanage
Visal Liyanage
Cleaner arrived on time and cleaned the house to a high standard in a relatively short amount of time - great service.
seetha mohan
seetha mohan
Hi, I got my house cleaned by using the service of Best local cleaners. They do a good job, prompt and charges are what they quote (no hidden charges). I will surely recommend them !! Thanks

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are some of the common Frequently asked questions related to the Commercial Cleaning Service. If you cannot find an answer to your question, Please visit our FAQ Page or Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Builders cleaning includes thorough cleaning post-construction or renovation, removing construction debris, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, sweeping and washing floors, wiping and sanitizing all surfaces, high-pressure cleaning, detailed window cleaning, and safe disposal of construction waste.

It is recommended to book as soon as the construction or renovation is completed. Scheduling in advance is also advised to ensure availability on your preferred dates.

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling and can work after hours or on weekends to avoid interrupting business operations.

Yes, we use cleaning products that are safe for employees and customers.

If you need additional cleaning services beyond the regular schedule, you can discuss this with us and request a quote for the additional work. We offer a range of specialized cleaning services, such as deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, or window cleaning.

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling options and can customize the cleaning package to meet the specific needs of your business. You can discuss your requirements with us, and we will work with you to create a suitable cleaning package for you.

Builders cleaning is more extensive and detailed, focusing on removing construction debris, paint splatters, and other residues left after construction, which are not typically addressed in regular cleaning.

The duration depends on the size of the property and the extent of cleaning required. We provide an estimated time frame once we assess your specific cleaning needs.

Yes, we do provide a free, no-obligation quote. You can call us at 1300 280 576 or submit an inquiry online via our quick contact form for more details.

Yes, we offer builders cleaning services for both residential and commercial projects, catering to various sizes and types of constructions.


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Builders clean is an essential step in any construction project. It involves thoroughly cleaning and tidying up the site after all works are completed. This final touch ensures that the newly constructed building will look its best before being handed over to the client or occupants. Not only does builders clean provide a visually pleasing result, but it also contributes to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for future use. Construction sites can be filled with debris, dust, and potentially hazardous materials left behind by workers during the construction process. By conducting a thorough builders clean, these substances are removed, reducing the risk of accidents or health hazards for anyone who enters the premises later on. Moreover, a well-executed builders clean showcases attention to detail and professionalism from contractors or developers involved in the project, boosting their reputation among clients and potential customers alike. In conclusion, paying adequate attention to builders clean is crucial as it not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes safety and excellence in construction practices.